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We are Pet Shop Kortzias.


The company was founded 12 years ago where our shop is active and our shop in the main street of red trimitia.

With a lot of work and will our company has steady growth steps. Our first concern has always been to give our own help to the public, advising them on what to follow in order to have good health and proper development of their pet.

We have also made after studies, imports of dry food for dogs and cats, high quality that can accompany our little four-legged friends because it is important for their proper nutrition and well-being.

We offer health and care products for your pets, such as shampoos, anti-parasitic sprays, toothpaste and animal hygiene products. These products help maintain the health and wellness of pets.

Our experts are always ready to provide advice on caring for your pets. In our pet shop we also provide a variety of accessories and toys that enhance the fun and exercise of animals. This helps to keep them occupied and discharge their energy. You will find a wide range of food, cages and accessories for birds and bunnies.

For aquarium lovers, we provide aquariums in various sizes as well as filters and accessories, and various foods for the little fish. We also offer care services such as pet grooming, bathing, ear and nail cleaning. These services help maintain the hygiene and appearance of the animals.

In conclusion, our pets are our family and we give them the best we can and aim to ensure they receive the best products. So you won´t find anything on our website and in our shop that we would not give to our own pets.

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